How it works

Facilitate the trading procedure

What is aviAUCTION?

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How to sell?

aviAUCTION offers the ideal platform and tool to sell your removed cabin equipment. In small steps you can create your own listings with all relevant information and aviAUCTION takes care over the further marketing activities. In this help document you will find a guideline to create listings. Your aviAUCTION team is always available for any support.

How to buy?

Buying on aviAUCTION is very simple. All members are allowed to bid on the released equipment or via the buy-now price to procure the cabin equipment immediately. If you have any questions to the cabin equipment you can use the Q&A field on the auction website.

Members Area

aviAUCTION offers the ideal platform to organize and structure your after-market cabin equipment. Please watch our Members Area Introduction video to get the first impression about the benefit and value of our system...

aviAUCTION Member Area

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