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What is aviAUCTION?

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What we offer

aviAUCTION Services

aviAUCTION is the first B2B online auction market place for the aviation industry. It optimizes and increases the trading of the second-hand-market. The target of aviAUCTION is to simplify the process of dealing with used cabin interior equipment. Hereby, we decrease the efforts of providers and operators to sell and buy.

Beside the online auction services aviAUCTION offers you technical experience of 20 years in the aviation cabin industry. We are able to assist you to inspect and to evaluate your used cabin interior. Commercial and technical recommendation is part of our core competences. aviAUCTION’s headquarter is in Germanys biggest hub airport city Frankfurt

B2B professional online auction market place

The auction process is based on the traditional British auction principles. Every registered bidder is free to quote. The costs of the auction sales will be clarified between seller and aviAUCTION in upfront. Beside the auction sale you have the possibilities of fix price sale, too.

Commercial consulting (Pricing strategy)

In upfront of each auction aviAUCTION discuss with the seller about the selling strategy. Based on the experience and know-how aviAUCTION evaluate in strong cooperation with the seller the pricing strategy, e.g. starting price.

Technical Consulting

aviAUCTION technical experts are able to support you in technical queries in regards to the cabin interior. If you need any assistance in technical assessment of cabin equipment, in cabin interior design (21J) or overhauling the cabin equipment, we are happy to support you and to offer our great network to the industry.

Surplus Stock (Inventory support)

If you need any support in sorting out the surplus on your stock, please contact us. We will find out the best solution.

How it works

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aviAUCTION wants to ensure a reliable business platform for seller and bidder. Your registration data will be checked and activated.

Take Off - Bid and Win

Every aviAUCTION member is allowed to participate each auction sales or fix price sales. The buyer with the highest bid within the time frame of the auction sale wins the equipment.

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first class selling strategy

aviAUCTION follows a professional auction system. Contact us with your used cabin equipment. Send us your description with all available documents and we will evaluate with your requirements the right selling strategy.