Marketplace (7)

What is AviAuction?
It is a B2B marketplace for the used aviation industry. You are able to sell and buy via an auction selling process or via fix price.
Is AviAuction.com free of charge?
AviAuction.com is completely free of charge and there is no upfront cost for sellers or buyers. Our service is fully success-based and sellers or buyers only pay an agreed commission after the sale has been completed and the down payment has been received. AviAuction.com is 100% risk-free.
What is about data security?
AviAuction.com follows the Germany data security standard. Please refer to our data security under the GTC.
How to find aviation cabin interior?
AviAuction.com gives you an overview of listed aircraft interiors with 24/7 access to the listed stock. You can search, filter, sort, watch and bid. With our user-friendly dashboard, you have all required information on each product.
How to put cabin interior for sale?
Selling your used cabin interior with AviAuction.com is easy. Choose the offer tab, select your category and follow a simple step by step process which starts with your login or registration at our portal. You will be asked to enter all product details and upload pictures and technical documents if applicable. After you have completed all information and confirmed the terms and conditions, your offer will be submitted and checked by our team before its public release.
Can I save alerts for auction and buy now equipment?
Your keyword alert will include buy now equipment along with items being offered at auction. You also have the ability to “Favourite” equipment that you like, which will make it easy to go back to view them within your account.
How to contact your expert team?
You can reach us by email support@aviauction.com at any time or by phone during our business hours from 8.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. MET. Please call our support +49(0)69 271 474 45.

Auction (3)

What type of auction AviAuction.com offers?
On AviAuction you can sell or buy used aviation products via an English (clock) auction system. The price rises continuously until there is only one bidder left willing to pay. If in the last 10 seconds no bid is submitted, the auction ends.
Who do I contact for questions about an auction’s terms and conditions?
Each auction has a particular set of terms in place. You must review and agree to the terms and conditions when bidding in an auction.
How communication between seller and buyer works?
During selling process AviAuction.com offers a space under the product description for communication and clarification. Agreements outside this communication platform is forbidden and can be caused a penalty and/or an exclusion from the portal.

Buy now (1)

What is the difference between a Buy Now equipment and an auction?
Equipment available for fix price sale will be noted with a “Buy Now” button, while items being offered at auction will be noted with a starting bid only.

Transaction (2)

How do I know if I won an equipment?
If you win an auction, you will receive an email with information regarding your winning bid. Additionally, all information regarding your bid is displayed in the details section of your account.

From your account:

  1. Log in
  2. Click the overview
  3. Click bids Won
When will I receive my invoice?
Invoices are typically sent by the seller within 24 to 48 hours after the sale concludes. If the sale took place on a weekend or holiday, you may want to allow extra time for the seller to send the invoice.